There’s always more to learn about the brain and nervous system!  Check out these cool books and websites to continue exploring the amazing world inside your head…


Human Brains

  • The Adventures of Your Brain by Dan Green (2017)
  • The Brain by Seymour Simon (2006)
  • My First Book About the Brain by Patricia Wynne and Donald Silver (2013) – coloring book!
  • The Great Brain Book by H.P. Newquist (2005)
  • The Human Brain Book by Rita Carter (2014)
  • The Human Brain in 30 Seconds by Clive Glifford (2018)
  • It’s All in Your Head: A Guide to Your Brilliant Brain by Sylvia Funston & Jay Ingram (2005)
  • The Owner’s Manual for Driving Your Adolescent Brain by JoAnn and Terrence Deak (2013)
  • What Goes On in My Head? by Robert Winston (2016)


Animal Brains

  • Beastly Brains by Nancy Castaldo (2017)
  • Unseen Rainbows, Silent Sounds: The World of Animal Senses by Susan Goodman (2008)
  • You Can’t Use Your Brain If You’re a Jellyfish by Fred Ehrlich (2014)


Diseases, Injuries, & Health

  • All About Sleep from A to Zzz by Elaine Scott (2008)
  • Fourth Down and Inches: Concussions and Football’s Make-or-Break Moment by Carla Killough McClafferty (2013)
  • Gareth’s Guide to Becoming a Brain Surgeon by Joan Stoltman (2017)
  • Phineas Gage: A Gruesome but True Story about Brain Science by John Fleischman (2004)
  • Why We Cry: The Science of Tears by Matt Lilley (2019) – others in this series include Why We Laugh, Why We Worry, Why We Rage, and Why We Love
  • You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Pain! by Fiona Macdonald (2016)


Games & Illusions

  • Brain Games: The Mind-Blowing Science of Your Amazing Brain by Jennifer Swanson (2015)
  • Fooled Ya!: How Your Brain Gets Tricked by Optical Illusions, Magicians, Hoaxes & More by Jordan Brown (2017)


Graphic Novels & Fiction

  • The Baffling Case of the Battered Brain by Pendred Noyce (2014)
  • The Brain: The Ultimate Thinking Machine (Science Comics) by Tory Woollcott (2018)
  • Neurocomic by Matteo Farinella and Hanna Ros (2013)
  • Survive! Inside the Human Body: The Nervous System by Gomdori Co & Hyun-Dong Han (2013)



  • “3D Brain Model” –
  •  “Brain Facts” –
  • “The Brain from Top to Bottom” –
  • “Neuroscience for Kids” –
  • “SciShow” on Youtube –


Get Involved!

 “Frontiers for Young Minds” – 1st scientific journal edited by kids –

 “Mozak” – help scientists trace real neurons online –

 “Stall Catchers” – help scientists study Alzheimer’s disease online –