Are you interested in learning about the brain and how it works?

Are you a scientist interested in teaching others about the brain?

St. Louis Neuroscience Outreach seeks to connect the general public with scientists who study the brain. This page serves as a directory of neuroscience-related events, programs & opportunities in the greater St. Louis area.  Use the above tabs to navigate the site and  find resources and ways to get involved.

Students in a classroom

Featured program

Brain Discovery is a school-based outreach program that brings neuroscientists into 4th-6th grade classrooms to lead hands-on experiments and activities, allowing students to experience the scientific process through explorations of the brain and nervous system.

In the first session of “Ask a Neuroscientist,” neuroscientists at Washington University in St. Louis answer some of the frequently asked questions by Brain Discovery’s 4th-6th grade students.


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