Amazing Brain Carnival Past event

Amazing Brain Carnival at SciFest: Play and Creativity

Volunteers from Washington University, led by graduate students Katie Lefton and Kayla Hannon, put together the Amazing Brain Carnival at the Science Center’s SciFest on Saturday, August 13, 2022.

Toddlers to seniors and everyone in between stopped by the demos to enjoy the taste (or lack thereof) of jellybeans, touch their nose while their funny bone was vibrated, look at their muscle activity chart, learn about cancer-causing mutations and amuse themselves at the various demos at the carnival. Prism goggles and the Stroop effect–in which color words are printed in colors not matching the word–messed with visitors’ senses. The adults marveled at being able to touch an actual human brain while the kids got hooked on winning the learning and memory board game.

  • Visitors to the Amazing Brain Carnival at SciFest view neuroscience demonstrations